We look back proudly on a long tradition, which began in 1839 with the founding of the company. Production of quality hand tools began in 1873. Today we offer what is probably the most comprehensive range of hammers and hand tools for all professions. Since the integration into the MOB group in 1991, the hand tool program has been expanded continuously in order to make the company even more competitive.

Over the course of time, the company established a subsidiary called DURLACH Industrieausrüstung (which officially became part of Peddinghaus Handwerkzeuge Vertriebs GmbH since 01/2021) acquired the tool division of Robert Schröder, a Wuppertal-based business. In 2012, we moved from Gevelsberg to our own premises in Schwelm, with expanded logistics. Turnover has multiplied since we were acquired by the MOB group. The group now owns five production sites in Europe. The latest two additions were Mondelin and Leborgne. We sell to professional specialist retail partners in the fields of construction, trade and industry. Our range is versatile, with thousands of articles, ranging from pliers, crowbars, tool units and vices to items for dry construction. “Fighting for quality” is the warranty motto of Peddinghaus Handwerkzeuge. Above all, this is an attitude and a target that we carry with us every day, during every action and activity, at every step and at every level.

Our dedication to quality is demonstrated by the warranty for our tools and our ISO 9001 certification.


Peddinghaus proudly looks back on 180 years of company history. With its beginnings in railway construction and undergoing constant development during the period of the economic crisis, the company today is one of the leading forges for the automotive industry. Our tradition has always resided in the production of striking tools, always with the aim to make our products not only functional but also ergonomic and safe for the user.


Outside of France (Le Chambon-Feugerolles, Ambierle, La Rochette and Arvillard), the MOB Peddinghaus Group operates other European manufacturing facilities in Schwelm, Wuppertal (Germany) and in Brasov (Romania).
The European locations serve in particular to be able to control both the very high quality and the production costs and are important to enable short production routes. The Europe-wide manufacturing and sales network also ensures direct access to the most important markets and the possibility to export worldwide.


In a market that is shaped by habits, the professional user encounter innovative design, which is why the following questions come to the fore:

• How can working efficiency during application be further improved?
• How can users be given even better protection while working?
• How can they be granted a maximum level of convenience?

And that is exactly why the MOB Peddinghaus group is permanently able to provide additional safety for users, to further improve the ergonomics, and thus ultimately increase application productivity. For this reason, all members of the group follow the same procedure at first: they observe professional end users at work – because it is these end users who inspire progress in the development of new and innovative hand tools.

Tradition and future

In summary, these three business can look upon many years of tradition, successful development and expansive growth: MOB saw its 100-year anniversary in 2020; Peddinghaus in Germany celebrated its 180-year anniversary in 2019; and Leborgne celebrated its 190-year anniversary.

This European hand tool group is a traditional manufacturer that guarantees maximum quality, and is certain to count future generations of professional users among its satisfied customers.
Always with the principle "fighting for quality".