Management change

Dear Business partners, customers, and suppliers,

We would like to inform you that Mr. Peter Meißner will be leaving the management of PEDDINGHAUS Handwerkzeuge Vertriebs GmbH on November 30, 2023.

Mr. Meißner was in charge of PEDDINGHAUS since the beginning of 2018 and helped the company move forward from a difficult situation. This includes several digitization projects around ERP systems and B2B shops, the realignment of the sales organization, the merger with the subsidiary DURLACH, management during the two years of the corona pandemic and the development of strategic partnerships with international key accounts.

Mr Meißner will be leaving the company for a new role in the construction industry.

We are therefore pleased to inform you that Mr. Philipp Seemann will therefore be the direct successor to Mr. Meißner from December 1, 2023.

 After many years of experience in various companies, Mr. Seemann worked for PEDDINGHAUS in various projects since March 2022 (e.g., the introduction of modern sales management software, the transformation of the internal sales team towards active selling).

Mr. Seemann started at Peddinghaus as site manager and is the authorized representative since June 2023. This position gave him the possibility to be internally trained to his new position.

This will ensure that we work consistently on continuing our multi-brand strategy and can offer our customers an even better brand experience. It is precisely this internal “hand-over solution” that will have a positive effect for our customers.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Das Peddinghaus Team

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