Strong. Stronger. Power Bar.

Power Bar


Power Made in France. The Power Bar crowbar by Peddinghaus offers outstanding leverage, making it easy to lift objects vertically while providing exceptional ergonomics.

Strong, Stronger, Power Bar — that’s the slogan for the latest generation of the Power Bar from Peddinghaus. Considering all the benefits this tool offers the user, it’s poised to succeed in the international market. The progressive curve of this crowbar’s swan neck increases leverage for pulling nails by up to 60 percent. Additional features that experienced tradespeople will immediately notice include the oval-shaped shaft oriented in the direction of the force to provide a comfortable grip and make the tool easier to use. The strengths of the Power Bar also reveal themselves when lifting vertical objects because the user can grip it at the perfect spot and the broad, flat chisel is easy to insert into small gaps. The Power Bar is a tool that is surprisingly helpful to construction workers because large parts of the manufacturing process are carried out by hand. The Power Bar from Peddinghaus was launched in February 2019 and is available in four sizes. Two Power Bar sets are also available.

The Power Bar’s key benefits

–           The progressive curve of the neck increases the power available for pulling nails by up to 60 percent (a patent for the curve is pending).

–           The tool can be gripped at the perfect spot for lifting objects thanks to the optimized angle of the chisel head.

–           With its broad, flat blades, the Power Bar fits easily into gaps to lift objects vertically.

–           The oval-shaped shaft oriented in the direction of the force makes it extremely easy to grip. As a result, the tool is much easier to use.

–           The Power Bar’s broad, heavy-duty base ensures outstanding stability for lifting objects vertically or pulling nails.

–           Large parts of the manufacturing process are performed by hand.

–           Made of high-quality monoblock forged steel from Europe.

Video to the new Innovation: The POWER BAR !

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